An ultimate guide for the best hiking boots

Hiking boots are definitely one of the most important items in ones hiking gear. They are specially designed to protect the ankles and feet during hiking and other outdoor activities. The quality of the hiking boots will determine a hiker’s ability to walk for a long distance without any injuries. Therefore one needs to ensure that they have the right boots that will give them the required comfort and support needed along the way. Below is a guide to help you choose the best hiking boots.

Nature of the hike

This is going to determine how much support and protection you will need. If you will hike on established trails and you will be having a small backpack, then light low-cut boots having flexible and softer midsoles will be ideal for you. They are more comfortable though they won’t provide the maximum support. In case you are planning to you are going for a multi-day trek carrying a heavy back pack then you need high cut hiking boots. They will help in ankle support. The boots should also have a rigid sturdy sole that has a deep tread. This will prevent your feet from flexing around every root and rock that you step on. If you are hiking over a variety of trails, there are many options for hiking boots that lie between the two extremes.

Hiking boots material and quality

The material of the boots affects its weight, durability, water resistance and breathability. Full-grain leather has excellent durability, good water resistance, and abrasion resistance. However, it is not a light and breathable as nylon. The boots made of this material are ideal for extended trips on rough terrains. Split-grain leather normally has nylon making them lightweight and breathable. However, they have low resistance to water. These hiking boots have a low cost. Nubuck leather resembles suede. Boots made out of it are very durable, have good water resistance and abrasion.


There are many brands that manufacture hiking boots. Here is a hiking boots review of some of the best brands. The Scarpa men’s Kinesis Pro GTX hiking boot is manufactured by Scarpa, an award winning manufacturer. This hiking boot is attractive and it is made of a suede finish. It is stylish and has great grip, durability and it is very comfy. It has an excellent waterproofing resistance. Though it is designed for heavy duty mountaineering treks it is also comfortable during day hikes. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX offers supper comfort, great durability, solid waterproofing and has a grippy traction on any surface. However, it has occasional defects in its waterproofing. Vasque St. Elias GTX has a Gore-Tex liner that makes them waterproof, thick soles and a clean but durable upper.

It is important to remember that as with any footwear, breaking in your hiking boots will be paramount towards achieving the best fit as you prepare for your hike.